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The play opens with Macbeth and Banquo, two of the Scottish King Duncan’s generals returning from battle when they encounter three witches in the woods. The witches tell Macbeth of how he will become the Thane of Cawdor and then the King of Scotland. For Banquo, they prophesize that he will beget the line of Scottish Kings, though he will never become king himself. The two are sufficiently skeptical and continue their journey home.

However, when the two come closer to the encampment, they are presented with a messenger from King Duncan who announces that Macbeth has been made the Thane of Cawdor, immediately putting the prophecy into perspective, making Macbeth wonder how he might become king. He invites Duncan to dine at his castle that evening and goes ahead to tell his wife of the day’s events.

Unlike Macbeth, Lady Macbeth is very sure of her husband’s future, desiring the throne and telling him that they must murder Duncan to ensure his ascension. Immediately upon returning to his castle, Lady Macbeth is able to convince her husband to take initiative and murder Duncan that very night.

The two plan to get Duncan’s chamberlains drunk enough that they will not remember the evening and blame them for the murder. When the body of Duncan is discovered in the morning, Macbeth quickly kills the “culprits” and assumes the kingship. All the while, Duncan’s sons flee the country, afraid for their own lives.

Immediately, Macbeth’s misgivings and trust in the prophecies force his hand in the murder of Banquo and his son Fleance as well, afraid that his heirs will seize the throne. Successfully killing Banquo, the murderers fail to kill Fleance.

The night of his murder, Banquo’s ghost appears to Macbeth and sends him into hysteria, scaring his guests and angering his wife. His very presence as the king of Scotland has angered the other nobles and further incites Macbeth’s misgivings and paranoia.

To ease his fears, he visits the witches again and they offer to him more prophecies. He must beware of Macduff, a chief opponent to Macbeth taking the throne. He cannot be harmed by any man born of woman and he is safe until Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane Castle. He returns home and finds that Macduff has fled to England to join Malcom. In fear, Macbeth seizes Macduff’s castle and orders the murder of his wife and children, inciting Macduff to further rage. With Malcom, the two raise an army and ride to Scotland to take on Macbeth with the support of the Scottish nobles who fear Macbeth’s tyranny and murderous ways.

While Macbeth awaits his opponents, Lady Macbeth is in the process of going mad, unable to wash the blood from her hands. The news of her suicide reaches Macbeth directly before the arrival of the English forces and sends him into an even deeper despair. He awaits confidently as the prophecy foretold his invulnerability. However, Macduff’s forces arrive under the cover of boughs cut from Birnam wood. When Macbeth is finally confronted by Macduff after his forces have been overwhelmed, Macduff announces that he was “ripped from his mother’s womb” not born and ultimately defeats and beheads Macbeth, handing the crown back to Malcolm, the rightful heir.

Character Summaries

As one of King Duncan’s chief generals and closest military advisers, Macbeth is led to perform wicked deeds by the prophecies of three witches and the machinations of his wife. When he is pronounced Thane of Cawdor for his military victories – a prophecy come true before his ascension to the kingship – he is tempted into murder to fulfill the second prophecy. One he is crowned king, his brutal plans are made all the easier as he begins killing indiscriminately to ensure his throne. He is not subtle, nor effective as he riles the entire Scottish nobility against his tyrannous ways and ultimately falls before the might of his own psychological pressure and the might of his opposition.

Lady Macbeth

As Macbeth’s wife, Lady Macbeth is the early instigator of the atrocious plans that lead to Macbeth’s Kingship. She is ambitious and power hungry and her machinations are as cold and vicious as her husband’s actions. However, after the bloodshed begins she is incapable of bearing the weight of what she has done and soon falls victim to the weight of her guilt, eventually going mad and committing suicide. Despite the horrible nature of her and her husband’s crimes, the two are a very close couple very much so in love.
The Witches

There are three witches, plotting mischief against Macbeth through their prophecy and spells. Their predictions are responsible for prompting him to murder Duncan and Banquo, and give him cause to believe his is invincible later on. There are no details as to the origin or nature of the witches, other than that they serve Hecate. Numerous similarities between them and mythological beings have been drawn, but none are of clear relation.

A second of Duncan’s generals, he is with Macbeth when the witches tell their first prophecy, foretelling his children to inherit the throne. He is equally ambitious, but does not take the action that Macbeth does in securing his ambitions. Rather, he is the path not chosen, that of inaction and decency. His ghost later haunts Macbeth accordingly for his murder, reminding Macbeth of the choices he made.

Duncan is presented as the antithesis to Macbeth in terms of rulers. He is kind, virtuous, and a brilliant leader. His death at Macbeth’s hands throws the nation into disarray until the throne can be rightfully returned to his family.

A nobleman who right away opposes Macbeth’s ascension to the throne. After fleeing Scotland to find Malcolm, Macbeth murders his wife and son, creating a personal reason for revenge. He is a principle figure in removing Macbeth from the throne and giving it back to Malcolm and is the only man who can kill Macbeth.

The eldest of Duncan’s two sons, Malcolm immediately flees Scotland after the murder of his father. With Macduff’s help however, he is able to muster the forces he needs to take on Macbeth and regain the throne, thus restoring the order to Scotland that was lost when Duncan was murdered.

Important because of his role in the prophecy of the three witches, Fleance survives the murder of his father and attempted murder of himself by Macbeth and goes on to disappear through the play’s ending.

A Scottish nobleman.

A Scottish nobleman.
The Murderers

The men hired by Macbeth to murder both Banquo and his son and Macduff’s family. They fail to kill Fleance.

The drunken doorman of Macbeth’s castle.
Lady Macduff

Macduff’s wife and victim of yet another of Macbeth’s atrocities. Her household is shown in sharp contrast to that of Lady Macbeth’s, much more tranquil and less violent.

Duncan’s son and Malcolm’s younger brother.

Scene Summaries
Act 1
Scene 1

Quickly and without much ado, the three witches appear on a Scottish moor during a thunder and lightening storm and make plans to meet again after the battle to deal with Macbeth. They quickly disappear.
Scene 2

King Duncan is attended by a captain recently wounded while saving Duncan’s son Malcolm from capture by the Irish. He tells Duncan of how Macbeth and Banquo, the two generals, have defeated the Irish and Norwegian armies and how Macbeth had vanquished and killed the traitor Macdonald. The Thane of Ross soon enters and tells Duncan of how the Thane of Cawdor defected and joined the Norwegian forces to fight against the Scottish. Duncan announces that Macbeth shall take the role of Thane of Cawdor as a reward for having led the victorious army in battle. Ross departs to share the news with Macbeth.
Scene 3

The witches reappear on the moor, discussing their powers and the recent acts they’ve managed to complete, one describing her killing swine and another who has planned revenge upon a sailor whose wife did not properly share chestnuts. Macbeth and Banquo soon appear and are addressed by the three witches. They address Macbeth at first as the Thane of Glamis and then as the Thane of Cawdor. Confused by their statements, Macbeth is further confused when they announce that he will one day be the King of Scotland. As a third prophecy, they announce that Banquo is at the same time lesser and greater than Macbeth and that his sons will sit on the throne but that he will not. The two discuss the prophecies with each other, confused by the encounter until Ross arrives to bring them to the king. He announces to Macbeth that he has been made Thane of Cawdor. Immediately Macbeth begins musing on how the first prophecy came true, asking of Banquo if he would enjoy his sons as kings. Banquo’s response is tempered more than Macbeth’s, saying that these things are often only half truths. Macbeth begins to ponder exactly what the prophecy might mean and whether he could one day be king.
Scene 4

Duncan hears the news of the Thane of Cawdor’s execution, of how he repented his crimes and died a noble death. When Macbeth and Banquo finally return, Duncan greets them as heroes and declares to Macbeth the reward for his deeds. He also announces that his son Malcolm shall be made heir to the throne, to which Macbeth notes that only Malcolm is in his way of the throne now. Plans are made for Duncan to dine at Macbeth’s castle that night and goes ahead of everyone to inform his wife of the impending arrival of the king and what has transpired that day.
Scene 5

Back at Inverness, Macbeth’s castle and home, Lady Macbeth reads a letter from her husband describing the events that occurred during the day, immediately believing and recognizing the potential of the prophecies. She decides that certain things must be done to make the rest of the prophecy come true and goes on to describe the weakness of her husband. She decides immediately that King Duncan must be murdered and when Macbeth arrives back home she goes about describing to him what they must do to ensure he never leaves Inverness Castle.
Scene 6

Duncan and the other Scottish nobility arrive at Inverness castle where he comments on how pleasant the castle and its surrounding environments are. Lady Macbeth comes out to greet him and tells him of how it is her duty to be hospitable and welcome the king to her home. Duncan then asks to be brought to Macbeth.
Scene 7

Macbeth goes about pondering the act that he has nearly decided to do. He thinks on the nature of the deed, wondering if it’s right to kill a man who is his king and his guest. He thinks on how popular the king is and how virtuous he is and eventually decides that the only reason to kill the king is to serve his own ambitions. When Lady Macbeth reenters the room and Macbeth announces that he’s decided against killing the King, to which she immediately attacks him and his manhood. He asks of the consequences and she declares that they will be fine so long as they remain resolute in their determination. Her plan is to bribe the King’s chamberlains with drink and get them drunk enough that they forget themselves and give up easy access to the King’s chambers. After they are sufficiently drunk, they will sneak in and kill the king, then smear the blood on the drunken chamberlains so as to lay the blame at someone else’s feet. Finally, Macbeth consents, remarking that he hopes their children are male, lest another female such as Lady Macbeth with her “undaunted mettle” is born.
Act 2
Scene 1

Macbeth is on his way to the King’s chambers and along the way is confronted by Banquo and his son Fleance. The two are up late, unable to sleep and Banquo explains to Macbeth that his dreams are plagued by the witches and their prophecies. The two discuss the sisters and when Banquo asks if they have revealed some “truth” to Macbeth, he replies that he has not thought on their words at all. They once again agree to talk on the matter later and they part ways. Macbeth proceeds carefully and immediately sees a dagger floating in the air pointing towards Duncan’s bed chambers. The dagger appears to have blood on it and when Macbeth grasps at it, he cannot take hold. He decides that it must be a manifestation of his unease over killing the King and realizes how dark and foreboding the night around him is. Finally, he hears the bell rung by Lady Macbeth signaling that the Chamberlains are sufficiently drunk.
Scene 2

Lady Macbeth appears after Macbeth has left on comments on how clever she is. She ponders Macbeth’s cry in the dark and the fact that he could easily have made a mistake. She muses on how she could have killed the King herself when preparing the daggers for the chamberlains, but could not because he looked so much like her father sleeping. When finally Macbeth returns, his hands are bloodied and he is visibly shaken. He notes how he heard the chamberlains wake and say a prayer, unable himself to say Amen to the prayer. He also notes how he believed he heard a voice invoke his crime after he had killed the king. At first Lady Macbeth tries to sooth her husband but soon becomes angry after realizing that he failed to leave the daggers on the chamberlains to frame them for the murder. He refuses to go back to the room again, forcing her to plant the daggers herself. He begins to hear knocking on the doors, sure that he’s been found out and begins worrying of his horrible deed. She finally returns and takes him to wash the blood from his hands, stating ironically that a simple wash of the hands clears them of the deed.
Scene 3

The porter of the castle allows the knocking to continue for some time longer, musing on how he would porter the gates of hell and who he would let in. He finally opens the door to let in Lennox and Macduff, having arrived to prepare the King for departure. Macbeth is one of the few people in the castle still awake and leads the two men to the king’s bed chambers where they discover that the King has been murdered and the news spreads quickly. Everyone arrives, including Lady Macbeth, Duncan’s sons, and the other nobles and chaos ensues. Finally Macbeth arrives again and declares that he has killed the two chamberlains who are responsible in his rage. Macduff declares his own wariness of the two new deaths, while Macbeth professes his fury at the death of his king as motivation for their execution. Lady Macbeth faints suddenly and is rushed free of the stage. Malcolm and Donalbian whisper to each other that they must flee to stay safe from the murderer as who ever killed their father will likely desire their deaths as well. Banquo and Macbeth gather the nobles and prepare to meet and discuss the matter of Duncan’s death.
Scene 4

Ross, the thane from early in the play and an old man walk outside discussing the matters of the last few days. He describes the owl that killed the falcon and the king’s well trained horses eating each other. The day itself is dark and the two are properly quieted by the mood. Macduff soon enters the seen and tells Ross that Macbeth has been made King and that he will soon ride to Scone to be crowned. Because of the departure of the sons so soon after the king’s murder there is suspicion that they may have paid off the chamberlains to kill the king. Macduff announces that he will return to his home in Fife and Ross sets out for Scone to see to the coronation.
Act 3
Scene 1

Banquo enters and muses on the prophecies of the three witches. The first two have come true now and so he wonders if the third might be a possibility and that his sons will some day sit on the throne. The stir of ambition begins to appear for Banquo as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in their royal attire appear, inviting Banquo to the feast for the evening. Banquo accepts and tells Macbeth of the ride he plans to go on later that day. Macbeth mentions to Banquo that they must discuss the matter of Duncan’s sons who have fled and are likely plotting against the crown. Banquo leaves the room and Macbeth discusses a few smaller matters of state with his servant before he departs as well. At this point, Macbeth begins a soliloquy on the matter of Banquo and the succession. He worries that he will not produce an heir and that Banquo’s sons will overthrow him later, taking the throne as the witches foresaw. Macbeth’s servant reenters with the murderers he has hired and reminds them of the “wrongs” committed against them by Banquo and they agree once more to kill Macbeth’s former comrade. He reminds them to also kill Fleance, Banquo’s son and they depart.
Scene 2

Lady Macbeth is full of unrest and calls for Macbeth to attend to her. He announces his own misgivings and upon doing so, declares that he has arranged for yet another horrible deed to be undertaken to ensure the throne, that there are too many more threats to the throne that must be dealt with. He asks his wife to be happier and kind to Banquo at dinner so as the he will be unsuspecting and that he will successfully be dealt with and eliminated as a threat to the throne.
Scene 3

The murderers await Banquo and Fleance in the woods outside the castle. When the two arrive and light a torch after dismounting the murderers attack. They quickly kill Banquo who urges Fleance to run and save himself, to avenge his death. After the torch is extinguished, Fleance flees and the murderers move to return to Macbeth with Banquo’s body in tow.
Scene 4

Back at the castle, Macbeth and his wife welcome the Scottish noble persons to the feast. Directly before the feast, Macbeth is approached by the murderers and told of what has happened with Banquo and his son. He recomposes himself and returns to the feast where he raises an imaginary toast to his friend. He then sees the ghost of Banquo and much like with the visage of the dagger, he starts to feel the pressure of the acts he has performed and their relevant effects on his life. He is at alternating times courageous and depressed, unsure of himself and losing his tenuous grip on reality. Lady Macbeth attempts to sooth him, sending away the noblemen and trying to calm him Macbeth however is already planning to murder Macduff and declares his intentions to go and see the three witches once more for advice and prophecies. He decides that Macduff’s actions border on treason as he plans to stay away from court and keep his own counsel.
Scene 5

The witches appear on yet another stormy set, this time with the Goddess Hecate among them, scolding them for taking on Macbeth without her leave. She decides she will take over matters with Macbeth and tells the three witches to bring to Macbeth visions that will offer him a false sense of security when he visits them the next day.
Scene 6

Elsewhere in Scotland Lennox discusses matters with an unnamed lord, commenting on the murder of Banquo. The official position is that Fleance murdered his father and fled. However, the two men suspect Macbeth is the culprit and refer to him as a tyrant. The lord announces that Macduff has fled to England where he has joined forces with Malcolm in trying to convince England to offer aid against Macbeth. Macbeth for his part has raised his forces in preparation for war with Malcolm.
Act 4
Scene 1

Upon his return to the three witches, Macbeth demands a series of apparitions to help him discern his future. The witches comply by offering him three such visions. The first is a disembodied head, bloodied and reminding Macbeth of Macduff, warning Macbeth to beware the fled nobleman. The second is a blood soaked child who comforts Macbeth that he cannot be killed by any man born of woman. The final apparition is a child wearing a crown who says Macbeth will be king until the Birnam wood comes to Dunsinane. Macbeth is encouraged and lightened by this news and asks whether Banquo’s sons will succeed him. The witches respond with an apparition of the procession of kings, with the final king carrying a mirror and the procession ended with Banquo’s ghost. The witches then vanish and Lennox enters with news that Macduff has fled for England. Macbeth decides that he will capture Macduff’s castle and kill his family.
Scene 2

In Macduff’s castle, Lady Macduff questions Ross as to why her husband has fled. He tries to reaffirm for her that she must trust her husband. She tells her son that Macduff has died, though he does not quite believe her. When a messenger arrives afterward, telling her she is in danger and warning her to flee, she argues that she has done nothing to deserve such danger. The murderers arrive afterwards and denounce Macduff. When his son calls them liars, they stab him and chase after Lady Macduff, assumedly to murder her as well.
Scene 3

Macduff and Malcolm stand outside of Edward’s castle in England and Malcolm decides he must test Macduff to see if he is loyal to the crown and to him. He begins to declare how he is unfit for the crown, listing his vices and his issues with leadership. Macduff eventually breaks down and announces that Malcolm is indeed unfit to rule the country, proving that he is loyal. Malcolm then announces that he was lying to Macduff and that the latter has proven himself. Soon afterward, Ross arrives and tells the two that everything is well with Macduff’s family and that they should return to Scotland to see to the country since it has gone into such disarray with Macbeth as the king. When Malcolm announces that he will only return with 10,000 English troops, Ross breaks down and admits that Macduff’s family has been murdered. Macduff, crushed with grief, is urged by Malcolm to turn his grief to anger and unleash it upon Macbeth.
Act 5
Scene 1

A doctor and a waiting-gentlewoman discuss Lady Macbeth’s recent habit of sleepwalking. She enters in yet another bemoaned state and begins to wail about the deaths of Banquo and Lady Macduff. She claims there is blood on her hands and that she cannot wash it free. As she walks away, the doctor and waiting-woman discuss Lady Macbeth’s descent into madness.
Scene 2

Beyond the castle gates, the Scottish lords are discussing the approaching English forces. The Scottish forces themselves will meet up with Malcolm and Macduff at the Birnam Wood. Macbeth, the tyrant as they refer to him, has gone into a rage, fortifying the castle at Dunsinane.
Scene 3

Macbeth appears with his doctor in tow, claiming he cannot die because no man born of woman can kill him and he cannot lose because the Birnam Wood cannot physically move. He insists on wearing his armor hours before the battle and raves madly at his servants when they announce the arrival of 10,000 English troops. When the doctor announces that Lady Macbeth is struck with delusions, Macbeth tells him to cure her of them.
Scene 4

In the Birnam Wood, Malcolm discusses the fortifications Macbeth has established at the castle. They decide that they should prepare for the battle by cutting boughs from the forest to disguise their numbers as they march on the castle.
Scene 5

While Macbeth is declaring the impenetrability of his fortress and preparing for the coming onslaught with banners and whatnot, an attendant arrives and declares that Queen is dead. Following a sudden depression and quietness on his part another attendant arrives and declares that the Birnam Wood is marching on Dunsinane. He recalls the prophecy about the wood and readies for the fight, preparing to die.
Scene 6

Malcolm orders the English men to throw down their boughs and the fight commences outside the castle.
Scene 7

Macbeth fights vigorously, pompous in that he knows no man born of woman can kill him. He slays a lord’s son and disappears into the fray.
Scene 8

Macduff appears from the battle, searching frantically for Macbeth, wanting to personally see to his death. He then disappears back into the battle.
Scene 9

Malcolm and Siward arrive again and enter the castle.
Scene 10

Macbeth and Macduff finally confront each other and fight. Macbeth announces that no man can kill him of a woman’s womb. However, Macduff announces that he was torn from his mother’s womb (through surgery) and Macbeth immediately fears for his life, but will not surrender to Macduff. The two exit the stage fighting.
Scene 11

Malcolm and Siward enter the castle after conquering it and confront Ross with the news that Macbeth has killed Siward’s son. Macduff soon after arrives with Macbeth’s head in his hands and declares Malcolm King of Scotland. Honoring the English system of nobility, Malcolm names all of his Thanes as Earls and curses Macbeth and his queen. He then calls for all of his subjects to attend him at the coronation at Scone and the plays ends.

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New Ending (ingilizce Kitap Özeti)


hat night , Danny tried to sleep but he couldn’t .He was still thinking about the rodeo and gold lasso .He was very sad .About 3.00 A.M he heard some strange noices .His father was talking with another man .Tehn his father came into the room .He had his hands above his head .Behind him there was a tall man .He had a handkerchief over his mouth .Thief pointed danny with his gun and said Danny’s father “Tie him .Be quick .” And he gave two pieces of rope to Danny’s father .Danny looked at thief’s face .It was the man in the Black Cadillac in front of Morgan Baker Computers .Danny thought : “The Black Cadillac .I’m so stupid ! “
Thief repeated .”Tie the boy or I will kill you .”But Greg said :”You have to shoot me first .” Thief put his gun on Greg’s head .Danny shouted :”Dad , you have tie me .Let’s do it .” Thief smiled :”I think your son is very clever .And he is right .Do it ! “ Danny looked out of the room .There were ropes aroun her hands , feet and mouth .For a minute Greg didn’t move .But then Greg tied up his son with ropes .
“Well” thief said . “Now give me the notebook please .”It was the notebook of X200 .X200 was a new computer of Morgan Baker Computers .Greg spent his 3 years for this computer .Greg and thief went out of the room .While they were going out of the room , thief suddenly turned to Danny .Danny thought thief wanted to kill him .But thief didn’t kill him .He just laughed and said :” Don’t go very far .Wheel-chair cowboy …”
Danny began to get angry .He repeated by himself : “Wheel-chair cowboy , wheel-chair cowboy .He thought that I have to walk and save my family .He tried to stand up .But he couldn’t .He put his head on the bed and started crying like a baby .Suddenly he heard a voice in his head .It was his physiotherapist’s , Melanie’s voice .She was telling “Look Danny Morgan .I have worked with you for four months .You are strong and brave .That is the real you .So , stop crying and start shouting ! “
Suddenly Danny stopped crying and shouted : “I am not a wheel-chair cowboy .I am a real cowboy . “Then he felt an unbelieveble power in his feet .He could walk . He stood up nad walked to the cupboard slowly .He got the gold lasso .It could help him .At that moment , Greg and thief were fighting .Danny saw them and thought “I have no time .I must lasso the thief …
Thief put his gun on Greg’s head and said : “You will die now .” But suddenly he dropped his gun .Because Danny lassoed him with gold lasso .Thief fell down and hit his head on the ground .Greg jumped on the thief and tied him up .Then he turned to Danny . “Danny ! How did you …? But Danny disturbed him and said : “Dad , there is no time for that .Please call the police quickly .I will untie my mum .Greg said :”OK Danny “ and he smiled : “You are a real cowboy Danny …

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NINNI ADLI EŞEK – A Donkey called Ninni

NINNI ADLI EŞEK – A Donkey called Ninni

Ondokuz yıl önce Türkiye’de çalışıyordum. Manisa’ daki bir fabrikada, endüstriyel özel tipi dizel motorlu arabaları, ingiliz lisansı altında, imal ediyorduk. İki yıl boyunca ingiliz firmamızın temsilcisi olarak Türkiye’de çalışıp oturuyordum.

Zaman geçtikçe bu Türk şirketin müdürlerinden biriyle arkadaşlık kurdum. Türkiye’de işim bittikten sonra İngiltere’ye döndüm ve birbirimiz arasında arkadaşlığımızı sürdürdük.

O zamandan beri her yıl kısa bir tatil için arkadaşımı ziyarete giderdim. Onun ismi Ergun, şimdi emekli olarak Eski Foça’da oturuyor.

Beş yıl önce, onu ziyaret ederken, Ergun onun yeni ev hayvanını bana gösterdi. Ninni adlı bir Eşek! O eşek, Ergun’un evinin önündeki tarlada, büyük bir ağacın gövdesine bağlıydı.

Ertesi yıl tekrar tatilimi Ergunlar’la geçirdim. Bu defa Ninni yoktu. ndonkey.gif 11kb

Ergun’a “Ninni’ye ne oldu?” diye sordum.

“Tuhaf bir şey. Bir sabah uyandıktan sonra Ninni’ nin yemini vermek için tarlaya gittim. Ninni yok! Ortadan kaybolmuştu. Bu olan biten üç ay evveldi. Şimdi’ye kadar onun hakkında hiç haber ortaya çıkmadı” diye cevabını aldım.

Bir yıl sonra Eski Foça’nın otellerin birisinde iki haftalık yaz tatilimi yaparken Ergun’un evine uğradım. Selamlaştık ve biraz sohbet ettikten sonra, birdenbire yerinde bağlı Ninni’ yi fark ettim. Bu defa eşek oradaydı.

“Ergun Bey, eşeğin geri dönmüş galiba – n’oldu acaba?” diye sordum.

“Ah” dedi, “Altı ay evvel ilçemizin haftalık gazetesinde bir ilân çıktı – şöyle diyordu –

Başıboş Bir Eşek Bulunmuştur
Bağarası Köyüne Başvurmanız Rica Olunur
Tel: 45678

donkey.jpg 6kb

Hemen telefonu açıp bir çiftçiyle konuştum. Söylediklerine göre bu hayvan Ninni’ye benziyormuş. Bağarası köyüne gidip eşeğe baktık. Gerçekten Ninni’ydi, çiftçiye teşekkür ederken, bana – ‘Dur bakalım, bu iş o kadar kolay değildir’ – dedi

Çiftçiye – ‘ O niye ?’ – diye söyledim.

Bana dedi ki – ‘ Hayvan bulduğumuzda domates tarlasının yarısını yemişti, daha sonraki uç haftalık onu yemle besledik. Domates parası üçyüzbin, besleme parası kırkbin, toplam üçyüzkırkbin lira rica ederiz.’ nimateddonkey.gif 15kb

“Ne yapsam! Yazık ki onun istediği parayı ödemek zorunda kaldım – çoook paraaa!”

Dördüncü yıl Eski Foça’ya gittim, bu defa Ninni yoktu. Eşeği satmışlarmış, Ninni’ye karşı verdikleri domates parasını geri almıştı galiba.

Ninni’nin cezası budur – yemi için şimdiden çalışmalıdır

Nineteen years ago I was working in Turkey. We were producing an industrial type of Diesel engine under an English Licence at a factory in Manisa. I was living and working as our English firm’s representative for a period of two years.

As time passed I became friends with one of the Turkish managers of this firm. After my work had finished in Turkey we continued this friendship between us.

Since that time I used take a short holiday every year and visit my friend. His name is Ergun and now he is retired and living in Eski Focha.

Some five years ago while I was visiting him, Ergun showed me his new pet. She was a donkey called – Ninni! This donkey was tethered to the trunk of a large tree in front of Ergun’s house.

The following year once again I spent my holiday with The Ergun family. This time Ninni was missing.

I asked Ergun what had happened to Ninni.

“A strange thing..”, he answered. “One morning after I had woken up I went into the field to feed Ninni. But no Ninni. She had disappeared. All this happened three months ago, and up to now we have had no news of her.”

A year later while taking my two week summer holiday in one of Eski Focha’a hotels, I dropped in to Ergun’s place. After saying hello and making a little gossip I suddenly noticed that Ninni was tethered in her place. This time the donkey was there.

I asked him, “Ergun bey – it looks like your donkey has come back again – what happened I wonder?”

“Ah! he said, “Six months ago there was a notice in our local weekly newspaper.”

Found – an untethered donkey
Please apply to Bagarasi Village
Tel No: 45678.

Straight away I was on the telephone and spoke to a farmer. According to what he was saying it seemed that the animal resembled Ninni. We went to Bagasari Village and looked at the donkey. It was really Ninni, but while thanking the farmer he said to me – ‘Just a moment, this job is not that easy…'”

“Why is that?” , I asked the farmer.

He said this to me -” By the time we had found the donkey she had already eaten half a field of tomatoes, and after that we have had to feed her for three weeks. The tomato cost is 300,000 and the feed 40,000 so we want the total 340,000 lira.

“What could I do – I had to pay the amount that he was asking – a lot of money.”

For the fourth year I went to Eski Focha, this time Ninni was not there. They had sold Ninni. I suppose that they must have got the tomato money back for her.

This is Ninni’s punishment – she must now work for her food.

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AFTER TWENTY YEARS – O’HENRY kısa ingilizce öykü hikaye

The policeman on the beat moved up the avenue impressively. The
impressiveness was habitual and not for show, for spectators were
few. The time was barely 10 o’clock at night, but chilly gusts of
wind with a taste of rain in them had well nigh depeopled the

Trying doors as he went, twirling his club with many intricate and
artful movements, turning now and then to cast his watchful eye adown
the pacific thoroughfare, the officer, with his stalwart form and
slight swagger, made a fine picture of a guardian of the peace. The
vicinity was one that kept early hours. Now and then you might see
the lights of a cigar store or of an all-night lunch counter; but the
majority of the doors belonged to business places that had long since
been closed.

When about midway of a certain block the policeman suddenly slowed
his walk. In the doorway of a darkened hardware store a man leaned,
with an unlighted cigar in his mouth. As the policeman walked up to
him the man spoke up quickly.

“It’s all right, officer,” he said, reassuringly. “I’m just waiting
for a friend. It’s an appointment made twenty years ago. Sounds a
little funny to you, doesn’t it? Well, I’ll explain if you’d like to
make certain it’s all straight. About that long ago there used to be
a restaurant where this store stands–‘Big Joe’ Brady’s restaurant.”

“Until five years ago,” said the policeman. “It was torn down then.”

The man in the doorway struck a match and lit his cigar. The light
showed a pale, square-jawed face with keen eyes, and a little white
scar near his right eyebrow. His scarfpin was a large diamond, oddly

“Twenty years ago to-night,” said the man, “I dined here at ‘Big Joe’
Brady’s with Jimmy Wells, my best chum, and the finest chap in the
world. He and I were raised here in New York, just like two
brothers, together. I was eighteen and Jimmy was twenty. The next
morning I was to start for the West to make my fortune. You couldn’t
have dragged Jimmy out of New York; he thought it was the only place
on earth. Well, we agreed that night that we would meet here again
exactly twenty years from that date and time, no matter what our
conditions might be or from what distance we might have to come. We
figured that in twenty years each of us ought to have our destiny
worked out and our fortunes made, whatever they were going to be.”

“It sounds pretty interesting,” said the policeman. “Rather a long
time between meets, though, it seems to me. Haven’t you heard from
your friend since you left?”

“Well, yes, for a time we corresponded,” said the other. “But after
a year or two we lost track of each other. You see, the West is a
pretty big proposition, and I kept hustling around over it pretty
lively. But I know Jimmy will meet me here if he’s alive, for he
always was the truest, stanchest old chap in the world. He’ll never
forget. I came a thousand miles to stand in this door to-night, and
it’s worth it if my old partner turns up.”

The waiting man pulled out a handsome watch, the lids of it set with
small diamonds.

“Three minutes to ten,” he announced. “It was exactly ten o’clock
when we parted here at the restaurant door.”

“Did pretty well out West, didn’t you?” asked the policeman.

“You bet! I hope Jimmy has done half as well. He was a kind of
plodder, though, good fellow as he was. I’ve had to compete with
some of the sharpest wits going to get my pile. A man gets in a
groove in New York. It takes the West to put a razor-edge on him.”

The policeman twirled his club and took a step or two.

“I’ll be on my way. Hope your friend comes around all right. Going
to call time on him sharp?”

“I should say not!” said the other. “I’ll give him half an hour at
least. If Jimmy is alive on earth he’ll be here by that time. So
long, officer.”

“Good-night, sir,” said the policeman, passing on along his beat,
trying doors as he went.

There was now a fine, cold drizzle falling, and the wind had risen
from its uncertain puffs into a steady blow. The few foot passengers
astir in that quarter hurried dismally and silently along with coat
collars turned high and pocketed hands. And in the door of the
hardware store the man who had come a thousand miles to fill an
appointment, uncertain almost to absurdity, with the friend of his
youth, smoked his cigar and waited.

About twenty minutes he waited, and then a tall man in a long
overcoat, with collar turned up to his ears, hurried across from the
opposite side of the street. He went directly to the waiting man.

“Is that you, Bob?” he asked, doubtfully.

“Is that you, Jimmy Wells?” cried the man in the door.

“Bless my heart!” exclaimed the new arrival, grasping both the
other’s hands with his own. “It’s Bob, sure as fate. I was certain
I’d find you here if you were still in existence. Well, well, well!
–twenty years is a long time. The old gone, Bob; I wish it had
lasted, so we could have had another dinner there. How has the West
treated you, old man?”

“Bully; it has given me everything I asked it for. You’ve changed
lots, Jimmy. I never thought you were so tall by two or three

“Oh, I grew a bit after I was twenty.”

“Doing well in New York, Jimmy?”

“Moderately. I have a position in one of the city departments. Come
on, Bob; we’ll go around to a place I know of, and have a good long
talk about old times.”

The two men started up the street, arm in arm. The man from the
West, his egotism enlarged by success, was beginning to outline the
history of his career. The other, submerged in his overcoat,
listened with interest.

At the corner stood a drug store, brilliant with electric lights.
When they came into this glare each of them turned simultaneously to
gaze upon the other’s face.

The man from the West stopped suddenly and released his arm.

“You’re not Jimmy Wells,” he snapped. “Twenty years is a long time,
but not long enough to change a man’s nose from a Roman to a pug.”

“It sometimes changes a good man into a bad one, said the tall man.
“You’ve been under arrest for ten minutes, ‘Silky’ Bob. Chicago
thinks you may have dropped over our way and wires us she wants to
have a chat with you. Going quietly, are you? That’s sensible.
Now, before we go on to the station here’s a note I was asked to hand
you. You may read it here at the window. It’s from Patrolman

The man from the West unfolded the little piece of paper handed him.
His hand was steady when he began to read, but it trembled a little
by the time he had finished. The note was rather short.

~”Bob: I was at the appointed place on time. When you struck the
match to light your cigar I saw it was the face of the man wanted in
Chicago. Somehow I couldn’t do it myself, so I went around and got
a plain clothes man to do the job. JIMMY.”

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Casper (ingilizce Kitap Özeti)

There was a castle in somewhere. It was a cursed and there were ghosts. A

woman and her assistant tried to go into the castle but they couldn’t. Because they

saw a ghost. Then they called the man. He was a search for the ghosts. He came

here with her daughter Kate.

After that they stayed this in castle. When Kate came her room, she saw the

Casper. Kate and Casper become a friend. Then Kate started school. The student

wanted have a party in Kate’s home. But she didn’t want. When they went back the

castle. Kate saw the other ghosts. She puzzled. The other ghosts didn’t like Kate and

her father. Casper showed her father’s machine. This machine ghosts changed the

people with a formula. If Kate puts here, Casper will changed a man. But he couldn’t

changed. Then the other ghost killed the Kate’s father and he was a ghost. Kate was

unhappy. Then the party day come and the party began. Casper wanted a something

an angel.

Finally an angel changed Casper for a handsome man only one hour. Kate

and Caper danced. One hour after, Casper changed a ghost and everybody was

afraid of ghost. After that Casper, Kate, Kate’s father and the other ghosts danced.

Everybody was happy.

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Best Looking Girl in Town – Kasabanın En Güzel Kızı – Thyra Samter Winslow

Best Looking Girl in Town
Thyra Samter Winslow

From the time she was thirteen Rilla Mabry had been ashamed of her appearance. It was then that she started growing taller than the other girls. She was also awkward as well as tall and she was too thin.
By the time she was twenty she was fully convinced that her appearance was really something terrible . All of the other girls seemed little and cute and attractive. No matter what Rilla wore it seemed wrong. She was much too tall to wear tailored clothes. And thin dresses hung around her loosely.
All of the girls and boys in the group liked Rilla. She was a fine girl – if you could forget the way she looked. Even her hair was wrong-rather stringy- but she had a pleasant and attractive face.
In spite of her looks Rilla had a boy friend. He was Patrick Redding and his father kept a grocery store. Pat wasn’t any great price –but then you couldn’t expect Rilla, with her looks to do any better. People feel that Rilla ought to be satisfied. Pat was a nice looking boy, and he shouldn’t be considered unimportant.
Rilla didn’t consider Pat unimportant. She was grateful to him for being nice to her. She was as pleasant and as friendly as she could be. As a matter of fact she liked Patrick a lot. He was fun to be with. She would have been perfectly satisfied except for the fact that she was in love with Shane Tennant. All of which did her little good – for Shane was the price of the town. Shane’s father was a banker – and rich.

Kasabadaki En Güzel Kız
Thyra Samter Winslow

On üç yaşından beri Rilla Mabry görünüşünden utanıyordu. Bu yaştan sonra diğer kızlardan daha uzun olmaya başladı. Aynı zamanda beceriksiz, çok ince ve oldukça uzundu.
Yirmi yaşına geldiğinde görünüşünün korkunç olduğuna tamamen ikna olmuştu. Diğer kızların hepsi kısa, sevimli ve çekiciydi. Rilla ne giyse, kötü görünüyordu. Çok uzun olduğundan hazır elbiseler tam anlamıyla üzerinde asılı şekilde duruyordu.
Gruptaki bütün kızlar ve erkekler Rilla’yı seviyordu. İyi bir kızdı,eğer görünüşüne kulak asmazsanız. Çok ince olduğu için saçı bile kötü görünüyordu, fakat çok hoş ve çekici bir yüzü vardı.
Görünüşüne rağmen Rilla’nın bir erkek arkadaşı vardı. O Patrick Redding’ti ve babasının bir bakkalı vardı. Pat fazla etmezdi, fakat bakışlarıyla Rilla’dan da fazla birşey bekleyemezdiniz. İnsanlar Rilla’nın tatmin olması gerektiğini düşünürlerdi. Pat iyi görünüşlü bir çocuktu ve önemsiz olduğu düşünülmemeliydi.
Rilla Pat’in önemsiz olduğunu düşünmüyordu. Kendisine iyi davrandığı için o da ona karşı saygılıydı. Elinden geldiğince ona hoş ve arkadaşça davranıyordu. Aslında Pat’i çok seviyordu. Onunla birlikte olmak eğlenceliydi. Shane Tannent’a aşık olmasaydı çok memnun olabilirdi. Bunun faydası yoktu zira Shane kasabanın gözdesiydi. Shane’in babası bankacıydı ve zengindi.

His mother was the social leader of the town. Shane was well much taller than Rilla- and handsome besides.
Pat went into the grocery business with her father. Shane went into the bank. That’s the way sons do in small towns unless they have definite ideals about law or one of the other professions. Rilla didn’t do anything. Her parents have just enough money so she didn’t have to work. She went to parties with Patrick- and admired for Shane from a distance. The towns people felt that she would marry with Pat, that he’d take over his father’s grocery store, and that they’d settle down.

That might have happened if it hadn’t been for Leslie Durant. Leslie Durant was – and still is-a well known magazine illustrator. And he came to Morrisville to visit an aunt. And he was taken an anywhere to all of the parties , of course. He was the social lion of the season. He stayed in town only for few days – but that was long enough for a lot to happen.

He saw Rilla Mabry. Rilla was standing near the door and she was looking at Shane Tennant. She never knew her face how much showed what she was thinking about. No one else noticed- but Durant being knew, understood the situation. He saw Rilla standing not quite straight because she didn’t feel quite as tall that way, in a badly fitted dress and her hair not quite smooth- and he saw Shane, perfectly dressed, self confident, good looking. And then Pat came to ask Rilla for the dance.

Annesi kasabanın sosyal lideriydi. Buna ilaveten Shane Rilla’dan daha uzun ve üstelik yakışıklıydı da.
Pat babasıyla beraber bakkal işine girdi. Shane bankaya girdi. Eğer Hukuk veya diğer meslekler hakkında idealleri yoksa erkek çocukların kasabada baş vurduğu yol buydu. Rilla birşey yapmadı. Onun anne ve babasının yeterince parası vardı ve o çalışmak zorunda değildi. Patrick’le beraber partilere gitti ve Shane’e uzaktan hayranlık duydu. Kasaba halkı onun Pat ile evleneceğini, babasının bakkalını devralacağını ve kasabaya yerleşeceklerini zannediyordu.
Eğer Leslie Durant olmasaydı bu beklentiler gerçekleşebilirdi. Leslie Durant geçmişte ve halen tanınmış birgazete ressamıydı. Halasını ziyaret için Morisville’ye geldi ve tabiki partilerin olduğu her yere götürüldü. Sezonun en sosyal insanıydı. Kasabada yalnızca bir kaç gün kalmasına rağmen bu süre birçok şeyin gerçekleşmesi için yeterliydi
Rilla Mabry’i gördü. Rilla kapının yanında duruyor ve Shane Tennant’a bakıyordu. Ne düşündüğünü yüzünün ne kadar gösterdiğini hiçbir zaman bilmiyordu. Daha önce hiçkimse bunu farketmemişti, ama yeni olduğu için Durant durumu anlamıştı. Üzerinde kötü duran bir elbise ve düzgün olmayan saçlarıyla uzun görünmemek için eğik duran Rilla’yı gördü. Sonra Shane’igördü, mükemmel giyinmiş, kendine güvenir ve yakışıklı. Ve sonra Pat Rilla’ya dans teklif etmek için yanına geldi.

On the second day of his visit Durant made his remarkable statement. He told anyone who would listen to him that Rilla Mabry was by far the best looking girl in town. One of the best looking girl he’d ever seen.
Rilla never had a compliment about her looks before. She had always been shy, self conscious, and often unhappy about her appearance. And now the first authority in beauty who had ever been in town claimed that she was the price.
When Durant, himself told her what he thought of her she was filled with confusion. She managed finally to thank him. And later, very shyly , she went up to him.
“I do wish that you would tell me how can look better,“ she said.
“That’s not really my particular kind of work, “ he told her, “ but may be if we get together …..”
They got together the next morning. Durant came to Rilla’s house. And with Rilla’s mother acting as helper, they did things to Rilla and to Rilla’s clothes. Durant made her stand up straight . and he rearranged her hair. And he told her what was wrong with the clothes she wore.
That night there was a dance for Durant- his last evening in town. And, as he had thought when he started things, Rilla was, for the first time in her life, the center of attention. Toward the end of the evening Durant had the satisfaction of seeing Shane Tennant dancing very attentively with Rilla, Shane Tenant whom Rilla had looked at with longing eyes – and who had paid any attention to her.

Ziyaretinin ikinci gününde Durant dikkat çekici sözlerini söyledi. Onu dinleyen herkese Rilla’nın kasabada gördüğü en güzel kız olduğunu söyledi. Hayatında gördüğü en güzel kızlardan biri diye söyledi.
Rilla daha önce bakışları hakkında hiç iltifat almamıştı. Her zaman utangaç, kendi halinde ve genellikle görünüşünden mutsuzdu. Ve şimdi güzellik konusunda ilk otorite olan ve kasabaya ilk defa gelen birisi onun kasabanın gözdesi olduğunu söylüyordu.
Durant onun hakkında ne düşündüğünü anlattığında kafası karıştı. Sonunda teşekkür etmeyi başarabildi. Ve daha sonra utangaç bir şekilde ona gitti.
“Bana nasıl daha güzel görünebileceğimi anlatabileceğinizi umuyorum” dedi.
“Bu gerçekten benim uzmanlık alanım değil” dedi ona “ Fakat belki beraber olabilirsek…”
Ertesi sabah buluştular.
Durant Rilla’ın evine geldi. Rilla’nın annesinin yardımı ile Rilla ve elbiseleri üzerinde düzeltmeler yaptılar. Durant ona dik durmasını gösterdi. Ve saçlarını tekrar düzenledi. Ve giydiği elbiselerde neyin hatalı olduğunu anlattı.
O gece Durrant için dans vardı.Kasabadaki son gecesiydi. Ve Durant düşündüklerini yapmaya başlarken Rilla hayatında ilk defa ilgi odağıydı. Gecenin sonlarına doğru Durant, Rilla’nın özlemle baktığı ve ona dikkat bile etmeyen Shane Tannent’ın Rilla ile nazikçe dans edişini görmenin mutluluğunu yaşıyordu.

Durant went back to his home and his work in New York and forgot about the whole thing. Years passed. And then, just the other day, this happened:
Durant was lunching alone at a restaurant when an attractive, tall woman, past her first youth, came up to him.
“ You don’t remember me ?” she said.
Durant didn’t remember her.
“ I am Rilla tenant – I was Rilla Mabry when you knew me. You came to my home town and – and rather made my life over. Remember now ?”
“Of course I do “ said Durant. “ I remember very well. It was my one attempt at changing the destiny of another person. “
“You did a wonderful job.“ said Rilla. There was a strange note in her voice which he didn’t understand.
“You married the boy you were in love with. I see. His name was Tannent wasn’t it ?”
“Why, yes” said Rilla. “ But how did you remember the name ? And how did you know I was in love with him?”
“I am good at remembering names. And I saw you looking at him. Simplicity itself! And to think that I was the cause!
“Yes you were” said Rilla.“ It was very funny when you look back on it. There I was going with Patrick Redding, and in love with Shane, and terribly unhappy and awkward. And you came down and said I was a beauty- so automatically I became a beauty. And the boys all wanted to go out with me. And I married Shane.”

Durant Newyork’a evine ve işine geri döndü ve herşeyi unuttu. Yıllar geçti. Ve evvelsigün bu gerçekleşti:
Durant bir restoranda tek başına öğle yemeği yerken uzun boylu, çekici ve orta yaşlı bir hanım ona doğru gelip durdu. “Beni hatırlamıyorsun değil mi?”dedi. Durant onu hatırlamamıştı.
“Ben rilla Tannent. Siz beni tanıdığınız zaman ben Rilla Mabry idim. Sen benim kasabama geldin ve hayatımı değiştirdin. Şimdi hatırladın mı? “
“Elbette hatırladım.” dedi Durant. “Çok iyi hatırlıyorum .Bu başka birinin hayatını değiştirmek için gösterdiğim bir çabaydı.”
“Çok iyi bir iş yaptın”dedi Rilla. Sesinde onun hiç anlamadığı bir ton vardı.
“Anladım, aşık olduğun çocukla evlendin. Adı Tennant’tı değil mi? “
“ Evet “ dedi Rilla “Fakat onun adını nasıl hatırlıyorsunuz? Ve benim ona aşık olduğumu nasıl anladınız?
“İsimleri hatırlamakta çok iyiyimdir. Ve seni ona bakarken gördüm. Çok kolaydı. Benim sebep olduğumu niye düşündün?
“Evet sendin “ dedi Rilla. “ Tekrar ana dönüp baktığında çok komikti. Ben orada Pat Redding ile çıkıyordum ama Shane Tennant’a aşıktım ve çok mutsuzdum. Sonra sen geldin ve bana güzelsin dedin ve ben güzel oldum. Ve bütün erkekler benimle çıkmak istedi. Ve ben Shane ile evlendim.

“Wonderful “ said Durant. And he smiled happily. “ How are you getting along , now ? “
“That is the difficult part. “ said Rilla. “ You shouldn’t have asked. “
“Shane and I got married. And it didn’t get along very well though I was awfully happy in the beginning. The Tennant lost all of their money in a bank failure- and my family had its money in the Tennant bank by that time, so our money went, too. Then Shane fell in love with a chorus girl. I got a divorce of course. I’ve been teaching in a girls’ school for the past three years. “
“ That’s too bad!” said Durant. “ But maybe that was better than marrying that other boy whom you didn’t love.”
“ May be,” said Rilla. “You can never tell. Love goes … Patrick Redding took his father’s grocery store and married the cutest girl in town. They have three children and are very happy. And, oh , yes he became quite ambitious and started a chain of grocery store. Now he is the richest and most important man in town”

“Çok güzel “dedi Durant ve mutlu şekilde gülümsedi. “Ya şimdi ne yapıyorsun?”
“Bu zor tarafı “ dedi Rilla. “Sormamalıydın.
“Shane ve ben evlendik fakat fazla uzun sürmedi, ilk zamanlar çok mutluydum. Bir bankanın batması ile Tennantlar bütün paralarını kaybettiler. Ve benim ailemde o zamanlar parasını Tennant Bankası’nda saklıyordu, ve bizim paramızda uçtu. Sonra Shane bir koro kızına aşık oldu. Boşandım, elbette. Son üç yıldır kızlar okulunda öğretmenlik yapıyorum.
“Bu çok kötü” dedi Durant. “Fakat belkide bu sevmediğin diğer çocukla evlenmekten daha iyidir.”
“ Belki” dedi Rilla. “Hiç bir zaman anlatamassın. Aşk geçici… Patrick Redding babasının bakkalını aldı ve kasabanın en şirin kızıyla evlendi. Üç çocukları var ve çok mutlular. Çok hırslandı ve bir bakkallar zincirine sahip oldu. Şimdi kasabanın en zengin ve saygın adamı. ”


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Beowulf (ingilizce Kitap Özeti)

Beowulf (c. 700-1000 A.D.) is a heroic epic poem. At 3,182 lines, it is notable for its length in comparison to other Old English poems. It represents about 10% of the extant corpus of Old English poetry. The poem is untitled in the manuscript, but has been known as Beowulf since the early 19th cen Beowulf

Chapter Summaries

The saga begins with an overview of King Hrothgar’s ancestry. Many years before the birth of Hrothgar, his great-grandfather, King Scyld, began the Danish royal line. This powerful and influential king successfully defeated many nations in war, bringing them under his reign.

King Scyld had a son, Beow; also King Hrothgar’s grandfather. Beow found fame among the nations his father ruled. He gave many gifts to these nations, ensuring their devotion to his own kingship when the time came to take over the crown from his father. The unknown author of Beowulf knew that a generous king could win the popularity of the masses. He stated, “By such deeds of honor shall a man prosper among all the peoples (lines 24-25).”

King Scyld eventually passed away, leaving the throne to Beow. He also left specific burial instructions for his successor. Following Scyld’s requests, King Beow ordered his father’s body to be placed on a ship adorned with much treasure and accoutrements of war. After the completion of this task, the ship was set adrift on the open sea.

Chapter 1

King Beow was beloved by his people and ruled over them for many years. During his reign, he had a son, Healfdene the High. Healfdene, in turn, ruled the Scyldings all of his life. He had four children: Heorogar, Hrothgar, Halga the Good, and a fourth child (name unknown) who is said to have been married to King Onela of Sweden.

Hrothgar grew up being a noble warrior and, eventually, a kind and generous king. He built a great political and social hall where he and his men could discuss politics and have great celebrations. He called the hall Heorot. At Heorot, men attended meetings and, during parties, guests enjoyed hearing scops (impromptu singers) sing about various issues, including the creation of man. Life was good then. The king’s loyal followers lived happy lives.

Then an evil demon, Grendel, an offspring of Cain is introduced. Wallowing in his own misery, Grendel wishes to interrupt the joy at Heorot hall. He begins to scheme and “work his wickedness (line 101).”
Chapter 2

Grendel soon put his plan into action. One night, after beer-drinking and feasting, everyone in the hall went to sleep. Grendel proceeded to attack the hall, killing thirty thanes (the king’s retainers) in their sleep.

The following morning, there is great sorrow among the king and his men. They are also surprised by the extent to which this stranger caused such damage. However, at this point, Grendel is not finished with the destruction of everyone and everything at Heorot. The following night, he came back to the hall to commit more havoc and murder.

But that was not all. King Hrothgar and his men fought Grendel for several more years. They were miserable. All of their time was taken up figuring out what to do about this menace in their lives. The king’s council often sat for hours considering the best way to defend themselves. Times were difficult. Grendel did not want peace, nor did he compensate for his many killings (customary in this society). His ceaseless violence kept Hrothgar’s kingdom on their toes.

Chapter 3

Meanwhile in Geat, Beowulf, son and thane of King Ecgtheow, heard of the horrible attacks by Grendel at Heorot. Beowulf decided to offer his assistance to the Danish king. He then chose fourteen of his bravest warriors to accompany him on his expedition.

When the time came, the warriors packed the ship with many weapons and supplies, and then set sail. Beowulf and his well-equipped soldiers eventually arrived off the Danish coast where a coastguard troop approached them.

To the Danish guard on horseback, Beowulf’s expedition looked peculiar—somewhat threatening. Considering the multitude of weaponry and troops aboard ship, this uneasy feeling came as no surprise. Protected by chain mail, shields and weapons, the lone guard feared an attack by this force. He immediately demanded to know their business exclaiming, “…haste would be best for you to make known your home and your nation (lines 256-257).”

Chapter 4

Beowulf answered the coastguard captain. He told them they came to help the king, to counsel him on how the Danes could defeat Grendel. After the explanation, the Dane judged the expedition as friendly, and then proceeded to escort the Geats to see King Hrothgar.

Chapter 5

Beowulf and his men marched a cobbled road to the king’s hall where they are approached by King Hrothgar’s herald, Wulfgar the Wendel. In turn, Wulfgar—alone—goes to see the king about Beowulf’s request to see him. Desperate for help against this menace, Grendel, Wulfgar practically begs the king to see Beowulf.

Chapter 6

King Hrothgar knew of Beowulf and of his Geat lineage very well. Impressed with Beowulf’s reputation for braveness and strength, the king told the herald that Beowulf and his men are indeed welcomed among his people, and to invite the warrior in to speak with him.

Looking impressive in his shiny armor, Beowulf stood before King Hrothgar—not as just a lone warrior with a troop of fourteen—but as a representative of the Geats as a nation. “Those in my nation as the very best among the wise counselors, gave me advice to look for ways to help you, Lord Hrothgar,” Beowulf said (lines 415-417).

Beowulf continued to tell the king his plan to “cleanse Heorot” of Grendel (line 432). Since Grendel did not use conventional weapons—only his hands—Beowulf also informs the king that he will be fighting Grendel in hand-to-hand combat. In this manner, Beowulf thought his father might take even more pride in his son’s expedition.

Chapter 7

In this chapter, it is learned that Beowulf came to help King Hrothgar to repay a debt incurred by his father, Ecgtheow. King Hrothgar told Beowulf all about the time when he paid to settle a feud between his father and another party in Geat. Ecgtheow fled Geat to Denmark; he could not return unless damages were compensated.

Hrothgar also spoke of his past extensive power as a young king. But now he felt humiliated by Grendel’s unstoppable power, and by the Danes’ inability to halt the ongoing threat.

After conversing, Hrothgar invited Beowulf and his men to a feast, and adjourned to the beer hall. They consumed food and drink and listened to a scop sing. Like many party-goers in the hall before them, the Geats were happy and had a great time.

Chapter 8

Threatened by Beowulf’s glorious reputation, Unferth, a thane of King Hrothgar’s, ridiculed Beowulf for a lost swimming contest. This ensued a debate about whether or not Beowulf held the ability and willingness to beat Grendel. Assuming Beowulf to be too weak, Unferth said, “…I expect still worse of an outcome (line 525).”

Beowulf defended himself. Despite losing the contest, he believed himself to be the stronger of the two competitors. He told of a “sea-monster” that pulled him under the water where, eventually, after a long fight he killed it with his sword.
Chapter 9

The debate continued. Beowulf explained to Unferth that he, in fact, killed nine creatures during this contest—and it was that fact that slowed him down during the race. “Never have I heard such stories told of your skill in battle, in furious sword-fights,” Beowulf said (lines 581-583).” In Beowulf’s view, Unferth has no reason to be boasting about himself or ridiculing anyone. Beowulf then places blame on Unferth for the toll Grendel has taken on Heorot, the king and his men. Beowulf goes on to tell Unferth that Grendel may have already been subdued if “your spirit were so fierce in battle as you suppose yourself (lines 593-594).”

Beowulf then vows to show Grendel the strength and courage of the Geats. The king now felt more confident than ever in Beowulf’s abilities. Hrothgar wishes Beowulf and his men good luck, and retires for the night. Never before did the king leave the hall in the care of someone with such trust.
Chapter 10

Beowulf and his men also retire for the night. All fall asleep except one: Beowulf. Awake, and waiting for Grendel, not one of his men doubted Beowulf’s capability to defeat this monster, and live to return to Geat. He also thought of his history and when he was young. In an unusual display, he recalled the smell of flowers when he was a child, a stark contrast to the setting he was current in.
Chapter 11

Grendel attacked the hall that night. He forced himself into the hall searching for prey. Before Beowulf could engage in a fight with the monster, Grendel devoured one sleeping warrior. Next, he came for Beowulf. Beowulf leaned up from his bed and placed a tight grip on Grendel’s fingers. The creature never experienced such pain before. With fingers broken, Grendel tried to flee, but Beowulf pursued. A great fight ensued until Grendel finally succumbed to his fatal wounds.

Chapter 12

Beowulf’s followers are all ready to fight, but their weapons are no match for Grendel, as even “the sharpest and hardest iron could not scratch at his skin.” (801-802) At this point, Grendel’s arm is torn off his body by Beowulf and he flees, wounded. Beowulf hangs the arm high in the hall as proof that he has defeated Grendel.
Chapter 13

The warriors all returned back to the battlefield and retraced Grendel’s footsteps to ensure that he is indeed dead. “They gaped with no sence of sorrow, felt no regret for his suffering, went tracing his bloody footprints… doomed and already weary of his vanishing life”(841-846).They returned back to Herot afterwards retelling Beowulf’s tale while comparing it with that of Siegmunds battles. As morning slid past and was gone, everyone returned and began to celebrate Grendel’s defeat.
Chapter 14

Hrothgar enters the hall staring at Grendel’s arm thanking God that he was finally defeated. Hrothgar then offers Beowulf and his men gifts, but Beowulf declines for he fought for honor and not for the treasures. With this, Unferth was left speechless because Beowulf has killed the great beast, Grendel with not his weapons but with his bare hands. tury.


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Anne of Green Gables [İngilizce Kitap Özeti]

Matthew Cuthbert and his sister,Marilla, lives on Prince Edward Island in Canada.They have got a farm,Green Gables. Green Gables is the little village in Avonlea. Matthew would likes to adopt a boy to help himself. But, the children’s home makes a mistake and sends a girl. Matthew takes her to his farm. Marilla protests this event, because, Anne is a girl. But, Matthew persuades Marilla. Later, Anne starts school in there. And a few weeks later, she cares with a guy. His name is Gilbert. Anne has got freckles and red hair. Because of this, Anne doesn’t like herself. One day in school, Gilbert makes fun about her hair and Anne gets angry to him. And she hits his head with her book. So, her teacher punishes Anne for this reason. Next day, Anne is late to school and her teacher sits Anna down with Gilbert. Anne gets angry this event and leaves from school. But she comes back to the school a few days later. One day, while Anne plays with her friends by the river, she falls down to water. And Gilbert rescues her. Gilbert apoligizes to her but, she doesn’t forgive him. Meanwhile, a new teacher comes to her school. A few weeks later, Miss Stacy talks with Marilla about Anne’s intelligence and she wants to join Anne to Queen College Exams. Anne joins the exam and passes it.So, she starts to go Queen College. Gilbert starts to go Queen College, too. Anne joins an another exam in there and passes it. End of the year, she comes back to farm. But, Matthew becomes ill and dies. Marilla decides to buy their farm for Anne’s education costs.But, Anne protests this event and she decides to leave school and be a teacher in near town. Because, Gilbert teaches in Green Gables. But, when Gilbert learns this event, he decides to teach in near town. Anne thanks Gilbert and forgives him. And they decide to be good friends


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