Anne of Green Gables [İngilizce Kitap Özeti]

Matthew Cuthbert and his sister,Marilla, lives on Prince Edward Island in Canada.They have got a farm,Green Gables. Green Gables is the little village in Avonlea. Matthew would likes to adopt a boy to help himself. But, the children’s home makes a mistake and sends a girl. Matthew takes her to his farm. Marilla protests this event, because, Anne is a girl. But, Matthew persuades Marilla. Later, Anne starts school in there. And a few weeks later, she cares with a guy. His name is Gilbert. Anne has got freckles and red hair. Because of this, Anne doesn’t like herself. One day in school, Gilbert makes fun about her hair and Anne gets angry to him. And she hits his head with her book. So, her teacher punishes Anne for this reason. Next day, Anne is late to school and her teacher sits Anna down with Gilbert. Anne gets angry this event and leaves from school. But she comes back to the school a few days later. One day, while Anne plays with her friends by the river, she falls down to water. And Gilbert rescues her. Gilbert apoligizes to her but, she doesn’t forgive him. Meanwhile, a new teacher comes to her school. A few weeks later, Miss Stacy talks with Marilla about Anne’s intelligence and she wants to join Anne to Queen College Exams. Anne joins the exam and passes it.So, she starts to go Queen College. Gilbert starts to go Queen College, too. Anne joins an another exam in there and passes it. End of the year, she comes back to farm. But, Matthew becomes ill and dies. Marilla decides to buy their farm for Anne’s education costs.But, Anne protests this event and she decides to leave school and be a teacher in near town. Because, Gilbert teaches in Green Gables. But, when Gilbert learns this event, he decides to teach in near town. Anne thanks Gilbert and forgives him. And they decide to be good friends