the Girl with Large Eyes (ingilizce Kitap Özeti)


Few years ago in a San Francisco, there lived a girl with large eyes. She had the most beatiful eyes of any girl in the city, whenever one of the young men looked at her, he wish to marry with her .

Wedding was the biggest desire for her. But her family is very strict and many years ago they also said her “we won’t let you marry until you finish your school”. She studied very well and graduated from the university with a good degree in that year, so she hasn’t got any obstacle for marriage. While these happened , one day she got up in a terrible condition. All parts of her body with a big and black spots.Espicially on her face there were big ones, her beatiful eyes didn’t set any attention because of the spots. Her family took her to the doctor and learned about the illness and the bad point was:it was not a treatable one.While she learned this condition, she became depressed,she refused to talk with anyone.Her family didn’t know how to cope with this situation because she didn’t eat anything,she didn’t smile etc.. Every morning she was going for walking.She walked around the city center with a big mask on her face.She always sits on a bench in city park and looked around. But nobody looked at her wheras before the illness, everbody looked her with admiration..All of her desires were finished…

One day in a city park , one young men asked her to sit alongside her.She accepted, than she started to talk.She didn’t believe this situation..She didn’t say a word for 6 months to anyone but she talked with the stranger. She felt confidence in him and told her story to him and he also told about his life to her.

Eveyday they met at the same time at the park. She started to smile,she changed her ideas about her illness, briefly eveything was good for her..After few days, her spots became less,she started to get well… She fell in love with him and the boy with her too, than they got secretly married in a short time.

Her family were also seeing the change and were aware of the event which was changed their doughter psychology.She smiled but said nothing..They were ver7y happy to see her like that. His father was a very famous politician in the city so he has got a lot of assistants.One day he told one of his assistants and wanted to find the event which made her doughter happy.When she went to the park, the assistant listened to the girl and the boy and watched them,and he ran quickly home to tell her father what he had heard. When the parents learned that their doughter had married with a boy, they were greatly shocked. If the famous families found out,they would not look to non of their faces ,because they were very ashamed about the secret marrige of their doughter.

The next morning, the father ordered the girl to stay home, and the assistant took him to the park. They called the boy and when he came up they took him to his car and killed him in the car and waited till midnight and put his corpse to the bench in the park.

The next morning girl went to park and faced up with her husband dead body.She didn’t understand anything at first but later after she thought about it,she understood that this was her father’s act.”If her parents had killed her husband, would they not kill her child when she was born?” and her eyes were filled with tears.

After a minute while she looked at his corpse,she told how she loved him and than she died fallowing a heart-attack. When people came to park,they ended up with two dead bodies. They knew them because everday they were at the park.Then they called the police.

But as she died,she gave birth to many children because people who always came to park opened a nursery-school for orphan children and called it “The girl with large Eyes”.. for her memory..