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Özet Son yıllarda çağcıl düşünce ,”özne”‘nin geleneksel olarak ayrıcalıklı epistemolojik konumunu sorgulamaktadır.Geleneksel batı felsefesinin bir ürünü olan genel bir “özne”kavramının yanısıra ,öznenin nesneyi yönlendirici ve anlam oluşturucu rolü de tartışılmaktadır.Bu makale ,Althusser ve Gramsci’nin ideoloji kuramlarında göründüğü biçimiyle özne kavramında durmayı hedeflemektedir.Althusser ve Gramsci,kuramları ideoloji içinde “özne”nin yerinin gösterdiği ölçüde , bu makale için önem […]

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Into the Wild The purpose of Jon Krakauer’s book is to address the matter of young Christopher McCandless and his odd seclusion from society and a lifestyle that was all most people could ask for. Coming from a well to do background in the Washington D.C. area, McCandless always had privileges that few can claim. […]

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Irene’s Sister Vina Delmar This is a story of 19_, the year that the schools did not open on time, the year that plague descended and caught us as terrified and as defenseless as though we were inhabitants in some medieval city faced with a new and terrible sickness. I was a child at that […]

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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Summary Now largely of interest as a way of understanding the mind and the developing writing style of James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is a largely autobiographical novel tracing the author’s youth from his birth to his departure from Ireland. […]

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John Rossiter’s Wife Charles G. Norris The most fascinating place in the United States is Palm Beach and the most interesting spot in Palm Beach is “Whitney’s.” The name isn’t Whitney’s at all, but anyone who has ever been to Palm Beach will know the establishment to which I refer. Whitney’s is a restaurant and […]

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Julius Caesar Plot Summary The play opens with Flavius and Murelles angrily deriding the people of Rome for celebrating the victories of Caesar over a man who they once cheered equally. Caesar has returned to the city in Triumph over Pompey and as his retinue parades through the city, he receives a warning from a […]

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The beginning of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy shows King Lear, the rapidly aging monarch of Britain, making the decision to step down from his throne. He has decided to evenly distribute his land between his three daughters, Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. Before he does so though, he decides to test them all by asking how much […]

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Everything in the animal kingdom had its place in the circle of life. When the Lion King, Mufasa, and his queen, Sarabi, had a cub named Simba, Mufasa knew that one day Simba would be king. Everyone bowed in respect as Rafiki the baboon introduced the young prince to all the animals. Only one lion […]

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